We have decided to make our experience and our production system available for who would like to have customized brands and blends, through our Private Label service.

Thanks to our production capacity, we are able to work for your company, treating your coffee with love, just like if it was ours.

In fact, we have never lost sight of our mission: QUALITY AND LOVE in what we do.

Considering our type of roasting, we have the possibilty to pack single origins, single qualities of coffee which we use to create our blends, fresh roasted in 1 and 10 kg bags.

Primo Aroma is one of the few companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia certificated for ORGANIC, KOSHER and KOSHER LA PESACH roasting and production.


The minimum order is 120 kg of roasted coffee and the packaging is available in 1 and 10 kg bags and in 200 kg big bags.

Contact us for any further commercial information