Serenata 1kg

Serenata 1kg

Made out of the finest Arabica qualities, with a touch of Asiatic washed Robustas, it’s ideal for the espresso masters. It is sweet and refined, due to the attention given to the selection of the raw materials and to the medium-to-intense roasting level.
It also reveals the perfect balance between the body and the refinement.

Thanks of these features, this blend is Corrado’s favourite: sweet and scrupulous, just like him, especially when he is roasting coffee.

The color of the cream is light brown with reflections tending to mahogany and ginger shades that, with the presence of lighter streaks, create uniform stripes.

The persistence of the cream is great, with a fine texture of the cream and the consistency is medium/elevated.

The aroma is pleasing and intense. The scent of chocolate, blossom and fruit emerges from the aromatic taste of freshly baked bread

The flavors are perfectly balanced, the body is velvety and uniform; the aftertaste is full and persistent, with spices and flowers sensations that melts with the chocolaty and the baked bread tastes.

Nutritive values


Qualities Nr. 7
Arabica's % % 90
Robusta's % % 10
Humidity % 1,60
Caffeine % 1,55

The percentages of Arabica and Robusta qualities may change just like the sensory profile of the harvest of a single coffee

Therefore the blend composition may change in the proportions or in the origins in order to guarantee the same flavour profile in the cup.


Energetic value

KCAL 287
KJ 1201

Protein 10,4 g
Carbohydrates 28,5 g
Fat 15,4 g
Saturated Fat 7,1 g
Sodium 74 mg
I.N.R.A.N. data