Decaffeinato 1kg

Decaffeinato 1kg

Made out of the best natural and washed Arabica qualities, united to precious washed Asian Robustas coffees, it’s the ideal blend for demanding consumers that don’t want to  renounce to the pleasure of an espresso at whatever time of the day.

It is a very light blend (the caffeine quantity is less than 0,05%). It is particularly digestible because it does not contain any waxes. Due to the attentive selection of the raw materials and the decaffeination process, it reaches so high qualitative levels that it can be mistaken with a normal coffee.


The color of the cream is a very light brown with lighter stripes (typical for the washed Arabica varieties). The persistence of the cream is good, the texture is very fine and the consistency has a medium level.

The aroma also has a medium level, the fineness is high, with typical sensations of baked bread and chocolate.
The flavors are well balanced and the body is velvety; the aftertaste is persistent, with sensations of spices and blossoms, that tend to the typical smell of baked bread.

Even if it does not contain any caffeine, thanks to the features of its components, it remains sweet and refined. The roasting level is intense and the precious touch of the best Robusta quality on the market makes it a complete and balanced blend.

Primo Aroma takes care of all the blends, also of the decaffeinated ones, offering a highly selected and a high quality blend.

Nutritive values


Qualities Nr. 7
Arabica's % % 80
Robusta's % % 20
Humidity % 1,50
Caffeine % < 0,1
Dichoromethane % < 2



Energetic value

KCAL 287
KJ 1201

Protein 10,4 g
Carbohydrates 28,5 g
Fat 15,4 g
Saturated Fat 7,1 g
Sodium 74 mg
I.N.R.A.N. data